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In 2013, I assumed a senior leadership role at Hewlett Packard ( Q) and faced with two formidable challenges: leading a rapidly expanding team comprising over 300 young professionals (with an average age of 22-25) in IT services outsourcing, and nurturing the emergence of NextGen Leaders solely from within my team’s ranks.

Despite my extensive experience in mentoring and training, I quickly realized that traditional development methods were inadequate given the constraints of limited resources such as time, budget, skillset, etc., compounded by the demanding business transition my team was undergoing.

The breakthrough came with the introduction of coaching. I was fortunate to join an international coaching school, a pioneering institution in Bulgaria, as part of its third cohort. This experience was a revelation: by fostering a coaching culture within the team, we achieved remarkable outcomes. Stakeholder engagement soared (with an NPS of 69, exceeding the exceptional threshold of 50), Millennials Gen retention reached an outstanding 1% attrition over four years, and our mid-term ROI was substantial. Notably, 80% of today’s senior leaders in many market-leading companies across EMEA  trace their origins back to my organization.


Currently, we have the honor of supporting numerous leaders, teams, and organizations spanning multinational and national companies across diverse industries.


• We hold a firm belief in our clients' inherent ability to explore, design, and achieve their authentic motivations for success.
• Respect plays a crucial role in understanding our clients' unique ways of learning, values, diversity, purpose, and sources of motivation.
• We provide our clients with the freedom to decide, commit to, and implement their own steps towards their desired development goals.


• Leadership Coaching
• Executive Coaching
• Entrepreneur Coaching
• Sales Coaching
• Career Coaching
• DEI&B Coaching
• Motivational Coaching

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