Daniela Mihaleva's approach to
Leadership Development

I firmly advocate for integrated leadership – leveraging strengths, values, and learning agility to effectively lead teams and propel organizational achievements.

What sets my leadership development programs apart is their tailored approach. I invest time in understanding each participant’s unique strengths, challenges, and leadership style, as well as the organization’s objectives. With this insight, I craft a personalized development solution precisely aligned with both individual and organization specific needs and aspirations.

Whether the participants are seasoned executives looking to refine their leadership approach or a rising leaders seeking to enhance your capabilities, my programs are crafted to meet YOU at your current stage of the leadership journey.


We work with leaders of organizations, teams, projects, and processes at both mid and senior levels who are eager to enhance their learning agility and embrace conscious inclusive leadership. Additionally, I support entrepreneurs, start-up owners, and their teams.


Our leadership development solutions are structured around digestible learning modules, comprehensive self-assessments, and a versatile toolbox of skills-building resources, complemented by industry best practices and self-exploration experience.


• Self-awareness and emotional intelligence: Gain insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots, and develop the emotional intelligence needed to lead with authenticity and empathy.
• Strategic thinking and decision-making: Learn to think strategically, analyze complex problems, and make sound decisions that drive organizational success.
• Communication and influence: Develop the communication skills and presence needed to inspire and motivate others, build strong relationships, and drive alignment and collaboration.
• Change management and transformation: Navigate change with confidence, resilience, and agility, and lead your team through periods of transition and uncertainty.
• Prioritization and effective time management.
• Career design, personal brand and effective networking.
• Coaching and mentoring: Cultivate a coaching mindset and learn to empower and develop your team members, fostering a culture of growth and continuous improvement.

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