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In 2019, I discovered the transformative LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, thanks to a colleague who praised its effectiveness. Initially skeptical due to my lack of experience with LEGO® bricks, I wondered how I could effectively utilize this approach. During facilitator training, our master trainer encouraged us to let go of preconceptions and trust our hands. That pivotal moment captivated me, launching an exciting journey with the method.

Since then, I’ve designed and delivered numerous workshops, addressing diverse business challenges:
  • Both online and face-to-face
  • Across two countries: Bulgaria and Romania
  • In both in-house and open formats
  • With participants representing 13 nationalities
  • Collaborating with organizations from 10 different industries

  • Recognizing that LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® remains open to new applications, I continuously develop and explore techniques and approaches aligned with this powerful method.


    LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® ( LSP) is a facilitation methodology created by the LEGO® Group. All facilitated LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops are group processes and designed around a relatively limited number of powerful core concepts. At its core, it is about solving complex issues by building models using LEGO bricks. The metaphors in the models serve as the basis for group discussion, knowledge sharing and problem solving and help foster creative thinking and finding unique solutions.
    The method is grounded in action research and evidence drawn from a range of existing science disciplines e.g. Constructivism, Neuroscience, Flow, Play and Imagination. Depending on the topic and duration of the LSP workshop, participants explore different areas and challenges to which they seek solutions through:
    • Creating individual models and stories
    • Creating shared patterns and stories
    • Creating a common environment model
    • Building relationships
    • Building a system
    • Replay the occurrence of the challenge and the solutions
    • Deriving basic guiding principles
    Each LSP workshop requires a trained and certified LSP facilitator.

    HOW I DO IT?

    The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) method is adaptable to businesses, organizations, and teams of all kinds. Each LSP workshop is meticulously crafted to address the individual needs of the client, tailoring topics and goals to ensure participants achieve impactful results.
    I provide two distinct formats for LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) sessions:
    • In-house workshops – tailored for companies, addressing specific client needs and topics.
    • Open format workshops – designed to enhance personal and professional development, covering areas such as career advancement and personal branding.
    Both formats are available in Bulgaria and Romania, offering versatile options to suit diverse organizational and individual requirements.


    • Business transformation implementation
    • Company culture and values development and implementation
    • Define a business strategy, vision, mission, priorities
    • Design and implement a DEI&B Strategy and culture across the organization
    • Develop creativity and innovation across the organization
    • Introduce growth mindset and learning mindset
    • Boost collaboration, cohesion and enhance communication across the organization
    • Development of the next Gen leaders
    • Development and retention of talents
    • Management of project or program
    • Optimize the strategy of a service or product (marketing, product, communication ...)
    • Develop a new business model

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