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Our clients’ success stories:

Mind changer = Gamechanger! This was one of the main goals I’ve set to myself since the moment I was introduced to Daniela Mihaleva and the WÜRTH Bulgaria’s Academy for successful leaders . I am truly amazed by the level of detailing in every subject. Having to combine challenges in both dynamic sales company day-to-day processes and personal growth and development, the format turns out very supportive and helpful for all the participants, as we were quite different and having completely corporate separate roles.
The level of symbiosis with our company policies and procedures is outstanding! This tailor-made structure is so precise and goes so deep in the behavior of each individual, that it is actually ready to set new habits, habits that lead success. Having to open our eyes and minds to such important, yet easy to forget little things like what to put-in and what to isolate from your daily dictionary is what makes the Academy so powerful. All the tools revealed and the whole approach in overcoming the challenges coming upon us is something that will stay and add value to me as being a better version of myself. Its why I am so grateful to be part of this Academy. Who would know that by playing with LEGO, you can cross boundaries set not by will, but by job routines. And since this game of life and business is infinite- This whole adventure with Dani is indeed mind changing and yes, it is a Gamechanger for me!”
Stanislav Kostov , Assistant to Sales Director – Würth Bulgaria

I had the incredible opportunity this past year to take part in Daniela’s Young Leaders Academy, which I can rightly call one of the most impressive moments of my professional journey. Working with Daniela made it possible for me to experience first-hand and apply in my daily work the best practices in personal development, people management and talent development, which she has collected over the years of working with people from various corners of the world. Her practical hands-on coaching approach, combined with an incredible dose of professionalism, inspires a person to discover and develop their strengths, focusing on the enormous potential that everyone carries within themselves. Thanks to Daniela, I have adopted a sustainable growth-mindset in my day-to-day life, becoming a better leader and willing to help others along the way to develop their full potential. Definitely an amazing experience! “
Nikoleta Dimitrova , E-Business Manager – Würth Bulgaria EOOD

Being part of the Leadership Academy of the Bank I had the chance to go through a couple of coaching sessions with Daniela – a chance that revealed plenty of opportunities for my self-development. A proven professional, attentive, tactful and responsive, Daniela made me trust her enough to start a new journey of discovering myself. It was an exciting experience to build a personal development plan that should not only stay recorded, but also be put into practice. Daniela’s smiling face, energetic voice and positive attitude encouraged me along the way. No one had doubts about the results. What matters more is the pleasure and joy of travelling with Daniela.
I wish you could experience it! “
Radostina Dobreva Head of Data Management Office, DSK Bank, OTP Group

My mentoring experience with Daniela turned out to be a real eye opener! I could literally feel how my enthusiasm grew while she helped me to uncover my main drivers and values with her incomparable talent to listen, her vast mentoring experience and finally her invaluable skills to focus on what is most important.Throughout the process I was introduced to tools and methods guiding me to review my priorities and some impacting personal decision making aspects, which I catch myself applying regularly in everyday life situations.Last but not least, through this mentoring relationship I finally took time to reflect on myself and my own interests, outside of all of the things I am accountable for in life, and that are sometimes hindering me to stay balanced.
This “new self-awareness” allows me to make deliberate selections to change how I invest my energy, which has made a big difference in the end, encouraging me to follow my dream and to build on my strengths to get there. Having had the opportunity to benefit from Daniela’s mentoring influences my way of thinking and acting and actually meanwhile has entirely changed my life!”
Stella Botta , Program Manager – EMEA Sales Operations

Although we had been working in the same company for some years, I only had the pleasure to get to know Daniela last year,during a presentation she held and when I was amazed at the strong confidence she had and at the strong communication skills she possessed.
What started afterwards as an informal meeting between the two of us,after a couple of sessions, turned out to be a powerful transformational coaching experience.Daniela is passionate about helping people find their own solutions.She is always very positive,full of energy and she possesses strong active listening skills,which made me feel comfortable and find my own solutions.
Daniela has the skills and the knowledge to be a true inspiration for people.I consider myself lucky to have met her and thanks to her,today I am a certified PMP professional.”
Maria Gheorghe , Project/Program Manager at HP Inc.

I went through a lot of business training with Daniela who has a great interest in developing people at all levels. Topics about exposure and how one can develop himself by communicating, think strategic, see ahead the business needs, anticipate, prioritize were just a few of the guidelines received from her which built people for the current and most likely, future roles. Her own experiences examples, linked to situations from our business, at that point, were useful because applying them pro-actively lead to outcomes we expected to deliver in a semester, however, we were able to deliver in a quarter. Driving teams was a favorite topic as the model used was not just a theoretic one but also a practical one, relating to difficult interactions, developing teams with all resources at hand and lead them to the new market needs. Client interaction was useful as it learnt positioning oneself in front of customers and situations created by either people or business. Cool experience overall since it’s coming from someone with a lot of experience in the business.”
Theodor Alexandru Botezatu , Service Delivery Operations Manager at Accenture

It was my utmost pleasure to be coached by Daniela Mihaleva. For a period of 8 months I was working with Daniela on becoming more self-aware, gaining clarity, and setting action plan. My coach supported me in removing the roadblocks that were preventing me to make the first step. She was openly sharing personal stories to encourage me to take the desired actions. Daniela was reaching to her network for advices I needed. She sets a nourishing, safe environment, expresses her trust and willingness to support the person on his journey. I hope to have more opportunities to be coached by Daniela and wish her success in all her endeavors.”
Dobriana Sklenarova , Strategic Learning Consultant at HP Inc.

Excellent experience with Daniela, her guidance and coaching techniques encouraged me to think deeply in order to get to the logical answer and to look at a situation from different angles. Having somebody to guide me helped a lot to feel comfortable in resolving problems and to reach a better work life balance. I greatly appreciated the pieces of advice which she provided as they all related to my questions and I believe the gain is long term. Also Daniela has a great personality, she is a very positive person with a good sense of humor so working with her is a big pleasure.”
Katya Georgieva , Global Quality and Compliance Manager at HP Inc.

I had the great opportunity to be coached by Daniela and this was an enlightening experience that also had an impact on my self-confidence as a young professional.
She is a proven expert in multiple fields and apart from being such a good example of a smart and successful woman, she inspires with her positive attitude and great personality as well. I highly recommend her to anyone that feels that they need even a nudge in the right direction in their personal or professional life. You will for sure get much more than that.”
Iva Georgieva , Central Supply Chain Planner at HP Inc.

I remember the first day I joined the HP team in Sofia, with emotions and a bit of fear I stepped into a new team, new country and new opportunities… I realized later on that being successful in what I do means having courage and overcoming the initial fears to thrive for success. In all this 8y+ journey I was guided and encouraged by an amazing person who seemed tough in the beginning but very enthusiastic for innovation, grounded and ready for success!
It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that just got better and better in time… I’ve worked with Daniela first as a mentor and then as a coach, sometimes mixing all the best outcomes that coaching, mentoring, friendship can bring!
I find our sessions really empowering, with positive attitude that boosts me to go beyond my comfort zone to drive my career plan. We’re striving for excellence, which I love, maximizing every meaningful opportunity and building trust and strong relationship in the same time.
It’s been an amazing and magical experience so far.”
Oana Canureci , Global Program Manager at HP Inc.

I had the pleasure and the opportunity to be coached by Daniela for almost a year. Through her coaching methods and personal approach, I’ve learned more about myself and my talents than I could’ve ever imagined. Daniela has an inspiring, warm and positive personality. She quickly proved 2 things: you can always count on her and she will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. Daniela has offered her support in so many ways and has introduced me to numerous people from her network around the world, encouraging me to follow my dreams. I’m extremely grateful to know her! She is a true professional – dedicated, trustworthy and passionate about helping others succeed and lead their best life. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to grow professionally, achieve a better work-life balance or simply wants to switch careers. Without a doubt I can say that working with Daniela was life-changing for me!”
Desislava M. Ivanova , Project and Product Manager/ Body Language and Marketing Expert

I have privilege to have Daniela as my coach and mentor since several years. I have learned so much form her leadership style and can definitely recommend her as a great coach and mentor. In addition, I would like to focus your attention to the fact that Daniela’ is a great public speaker. She delivered a fantastic speech at the International Women Day Celebration event last year and I am sure you will be very happy to have her as a speaker at your own events.”
Aneliya Mihalkova , Data Analyst, HP Inc.

I was a bit sceptical about how coaching could help me before I started. But I started to realize after few sessions how powerful this can be, and especially when your coach is Daniela. First she has a real ability to listen. This is becoming very rare in our environment where we are always pressured to do several things at the same time. When Daniela listens, she is totally dedicated to it. And more than that, she is able to rephrase and help you clarify your own situation. She then asks the few good questions which brings you to the next level & pushes you to focus on what is important to you and as a result makes you grow. Daniela is talented and she is able to use this talent to make others reveal theirs. Thank you Daniela!”
Claire Menut , Program Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

I have been fortunate to have Daniela as my executive coach over the last couple of months. Working with her has been such a transformative experience as she has been an excellent ongoing resource both for my personal and career development. She has come to know my nature, my character, my strengths and weaknesses, my hopes and my desires in such a way that our conversations were always focused on her asking just the right questions to force me to think in ways I have not considered before. Daniela was incredibly thoughtful, helped me get perspective, and fully engaged in my best growth. She has helped me to acquire practical ideas to improve management performance and also has made me a better communicator and leader. I can recommended Daniela as a coach without any reservation!”
Dimitar Hadzhiyski , Chief Technology Officer at Publicis Nurun

I’ve had the chance to have Daniela as a coach for almost 6 months. During this time, I’ve had specific objectives that interested me to solve and she helped me attain them. I’ve surpassed a personal blockage, I’ve changed my job, I’ve built new habits, all for the better. Daniela is an amazing coach to work with, combining both her know-how as a coaching practitioner and her vast management experience. I would definitely recommend Daniela to anyone who wants to make a change in any area of his/her life. Thank you, Daniela.”
Geanina Balea , Learning and Development Specialist at Microsoft

I have had the privilege to start working with Daniela as a Business Coach at the beginning of 2016, during a huge transformation at my workplace at the time. Thanks to her guidance and skillfully selected instruments, I was able to reevaluate my priorities and maintain a positive attitude throughout the changes. Despite the turbulence in my professional life in the recent years, with Daniela’s help, I was able to make some of the hardest and most consciously owned decisions in my career to-date. She is definitely the first person I instinctively seek when in doubt. I value her ability to structure my thoughts, verbalize them and get the right set of commitments which help me move on with confidence. I trust unconditionally that in my contact with Daniela I would always receive exactly what I need and not merely what would make me feel better temporarily. The value Daniela adds in my life today is much greater than that of a Coach: to me, she is a role model, a source of spiritual guidance and a dear friend! I am deeply grateful to have her in my life!”
Milena Stoilova , Senior Talent Development Expert, Corporate Service Center at Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

A journey to self-improvement!
It’s been a pleasure for me to participate in a coaching adventure held by Helical Dynamix and I would like to share my excellent experience with them and the result oriented goals I have achieved. I strongly believe that this whole new experience will help me to further enhance my personal and business skills together with achieving even more ambitious goals with my company.
Thank you again for this enlightening experience and I am looking forward to our next meeting!”
Philip Artinyan , Chief Commercial Officer at Code Nest

I had the excellent opportunity to be coached by Daniela over the last eight months – a period during which I had to ramp up quickly in my new role of an Operations manager of outsourced teams. In my sessions with Daniela we discussed a variety of topics like time management, communication skills, career development, work-life balance as well as strategic management and outsourcing partnership management. For every topic Daniela was well-prepared and open to share personal experience. The sessions with her helped me gain self-confidence, handle complex situations and drive high performance in my teams. Her open and friendly approach contributed to building a sincere and close relationship between the two us which I hope we will develop further by collaborating in different projects. I strongly recommend her as a coach to young managers and a consultant to companies willing to outpace their competitors.”
Hristina Stoyanova , Operations Manager at HP

I was completely lost and demotivated to perform in my professional life at the moment when i met Daniela. My inner frustrations were visible both at work and at home, affecting the personal life sanity. I wasn’t sure how i can benefit of the coaching and mentoring sessions, but now, when looking back, i am sure that getting in touch with Daniela and following up on our sessions was the best decision i could ever take. Her skills, her extensive and comprehensive knowledge, her background and her experience were the key elements that guided me through these sessions so that not only i could be aware of the situation i am in, but also find out the right path so i can reach out to the work life balance i was searching for. It feels good to find solutions to your own challenges which seemed to be unbearable; it is a personal victory to take proper decisions and to free yourself from the doubt and the frustrations you had some time ago. Not only my professional life got better until being fully stable and myself being fully motivated, but also my personal life was more balanced and calmer. Daniela is a life changer, a professional coach, an extraordinary mentor which i fully recommend from the bottom of my heart.”
Ramona Dulgheru , Operations Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

My coaching experience with Daniela was literally life changing. She helped me both in my professional and my personal life. She has a gift to listen and say the right thing or ask the right questions at the right moment (like no other I’ve met) and she has brought to life the best Simona I have ever been. She managed to reveal abilities I was not aware I had and revive some of the ones that were “asleep”. She also helped find the strength I needed in difficult times and to figure out the best way to overcome them. But, most importantly, she helped me find my life goal/purpose, for which I had lost hope I would ever find and now I feel complete, although I know there is still a lot of things to discover, improve, work for. I truly believe she is magic.”
Simona Cohn , Contingent Workforce Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Dani Mihaleva facilitated a full-day career workshop to a team of 20+ colleagues, each of whom represented a different department within the organisation. Dani is a captivating and inspirational speaker who can engage diverse audiences both through personal storytelling and relatable examples. Multiple practical exercises were well balanced with the introduction of insightful, thought-provoking frameworks that resulted in profound self-reflection and enhanced self-awareness. Thank you for a great workshop and the plenty of food for thought!”
Valentina Koleva , Employee Experience Program Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

I met Dani Mihaleva as a trainer during the HP sponsored “Everyone as a Leader” program. Dani was our facilitator on the topic of “The Art and Science of The Successful Career”. She challenged the team on various professional development topics, providing insights from her personal diverse background, as well as professional frameworks. She successfully combined theory and practice, and included gamification in her teaching methods. Dani is a very skilled trainer, able to customize her approach and style according to the audience. She is super knowledgeable, creative and understanding. She managed to impress my colleagues and I inspiring us to take a different look on our ability to understand ourselves. Thanks to this training I feel more comfortable with the direction in which I am heading my professional development.”
Rumyana Kaludova , Talent Acquisition Consultant for EMEA at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

I had the privilege to undertake a training for 1 day and it was very inspiring. Furthermore it was one of the most interactive and fun training I have participated in for a long time. The training gave me a lot of insights, which I can apply both at work and personal life.”
Toni Hristov , EMEA Services Designer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“The Management of Change training (attended Nov2021) was incredibly useful as it gives you a practical tool to evaluate your own readiness for change and you get very useful advises on building your resilience! The training is useful for everybody as it provides a lot of valuable insights on your life and how you approach it! It gives you food for thought on your vision and mission in life, finding your purpose! At the same time the Group Coaching Session with LEGO Serious Play Method was fun and gave opportunity for creativity while enjoying the learning! I enjoyed a lot the training Art and Science of the Successful career training (Dec 2021) as it gave me a lot of food for thought on the topic and bunch of useful and practical advises from Dani based on experience – I believe that I will often come back to the information of this training in the future! It inspired me to think about what is success for me and provoked me to manage my priorities and update my LinkedIn profile. I appreciate the practical advises how to approach my career development, how to manage my manager and the examples shared on interview preparation. The passion of Dani to support and help is admirable – you feel it in her talk and you start believing in yourself more! The highest value of the training is that it is based on experience and gives very practical direction. Thank you, Dani!”
Dimitrina Todorova , Project & Program Manager – HP Inc.

For the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY training, first I was a bit suspicious, what is the relation between my career and the Lego? Then, I understood the value of the training despite doing it remotely.Then about the art & science of the successful career, Daniela was a great resource to help & identify the area where i can definitely improve (Linkedin profile for me). I do recommend both trainings even of my preference would go the 2nd one – to build a successful career is definitely Art 🙂 “
David Rey , HR Manager Business partner – HP Inc.

I owe deep gratitude to Daniela because during our coaching sessions we created a new universe where I live happier and stronger as days go by. During the one year experience of coaching with Daniela I developed in seeing myself and my problems more objectively. Also I learned how to always plan for the resolutions that I desire.
In the past, a distorted self-image prevented me from identifying areas that warranted improvement and from taking any actions besides doubting and contradicting myself. Daniela quickly uncovered the problem and provided the necessary support in finding my own challenging channel and she drove me into setting and managing my priorities in life and in my professional carrier.
Since our valuable experience I am constantly empowered by our discussion ‘ s outcomes and especially by the strategies that we discovered to help me; setting priorities and focus on achieving them; taking action on my goals; be thankful for what I already have; constantly evaluate as objective as possible any situation and my approach towards people, situations, feelings.
Daniela creates a wonderful harmony of calm and focus and her communication style is balanced with candor and professionalism.
Together with Daniela I succeeded to change my behaviors, to have a new clear perception towards myself and my desires and also to change my role in the company. Daniela is very committed to helping. I am very excited with the results that Daniela has helped me to achieve in both my professional career and my personal life.
I take this opportunity to express my sincere and deeply appreciation for the time and the amazing interaction I experienced with Daniela. Our discussions are alive through my daily behavior and through my calendar that shows daily reminders about some action points that I practice on from our coaching interaction (it works perfect). I will conclude with my favorite feeling when I think of Daniela and of our coaching accomplishments: Life is a rainbow dash with Daniela.”
Roxana Elena Sahoteanu , UK&I Customer Account Operations Manager/EMEA Sales Operations

I was introduced to Daniela through my HR partner when I just moved to my first people management position. Uncertainty, self-doubt and lack of confidence were full of my minds in those early days. Different from a mentor who would give me the answer immediately, Daniela was constantly coming with questions and let me find out the best answer. The sessions with her helped me to make bold and thoughtful decisions, to drive team’s motivation through inner confidence and to expand the network within the change of management period. She is not only coaching the career but also shedding the lights for the life. At the end of the sessions, I was able to regain the confidence and found back my self-satisfaction. I would strongly recommend Daniela to anyone who has the ambition to grow the career while keeping the self confidence in the challenging environment.”
Yifan Zhang , Senior Manager – WW Storage GTM

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