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About Helical Dynamix

Helical Dynamix company’s mission is to support business leaders, teams and organizations in reaching their next level of success, satisfaction and balance.

The company was founded by Daniela Mihaleva, a senior business leader with 20+ years international experience in the fields of Sales, Strategic Management, Business Development, Shared Services Centers, Customer Service, etc. She has proven track record in building from scratch and transforming large scale organizations in EMEA and as well globally, developing and retaining talents and leaders at any layer of the organization.

Today Daniela is combining her core business role in multinational environment with her passion to support businesses in their transformational journeys and in achieving outstanding business results, delighted customers, and motivated employees.

She is certified and accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach ( PCC), member of the ICF Global and as well of the ICF Romania charter chapter.
In addition, Daniela is a trained facilitator of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and materials.

In her coaching experience as business coach she is committed to deliver great service to her clients via living the ICF Code of Ethics and as well integrating the ICF Core Competencies effectively on a daily basis.

800+Coaching hours


360+Hours Coaching education
& ongoing development

13Development Programs
for leaders & talents

How we can help:


Business Coaching for individuals, teams, groups.


Supporting the certified coaches on their way for accreditation with the ICF.


How to leverage from our proven ready-to-go solutions and industry best practices.


How to build from scratch, expand, optimize, improve, and bring value to your business.


Customized development programs for personal and career growth.


How to build even stronger companies and teams in times of transformation.

LEGO Serious Play Workshops

How to improve creativity, co-creation and innovation in a company.

Coaching Culture

How to achieve outstanding business results, delighted customers, satisfied and happy employees and to create an environment of creativity, support and personal growth.

Visual Facilitation

How to work visually and interactively creating an environment for exchange between individuals and teams.

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Some of the lives we’ve changed:

I was introduced to Daniela through my HR partner when I just moved to my first people management position. Uncertainty, self-doubt and lack of confidence were full of my minds in those early days. Different from a mentor who would give me the answer immediately, Daniela was constantly coming with questions and let me find out the best answer. The sessions with her helped me to make bold and thoughtful decisions, to drive team’s motivation through inner confidence and to expand the network within the change of management period. She is not only coaching the career but also shedding the lights for the life. At the end of the sessions, I was able to regain the confidence and found back my self-satisfaction. I would strongly recommend Daniela to anyone who has the ambition to grow the career while keeping the self confidence in the challenging environment.”
Yifan Zhang , Senior Manager – WW Storage GTM

I owe deep gratitude to Daniela because during our coaching sessions we created a new universe where I live happier and stronger as days go by. During the one year experience of coaching with Daniela I developed in seeing myself and my problems more objectively. Also I learned how to always plan for the resolutions that I desire.
In the past, a distorted self-image prevented me from identifying areas that warranted improvement and from taking any actions besides doubting and contradicting myself. Daniela quickly uncovered the problem and provided the necessary support in finding my own challenging channel and she drove me into setting and managing my priorities in life and in my professional carrier.
Since our valuable experience I am constantly empowered by our discussion ‘ s outcomes and especially by the strategies that we discovered to help me; setting priorities and focus on achieving them; taking action on my goals; be thankful for what I already have; constantly evaluate as objective as possible any situation and my approach towards people, situations, feelings.
Daniela creates a wonderful harmony of calm and focus and her communication style is balanced with candor and professionalism.
Together with Daniela I succeeded to change my behaviors, to have a new clear perception towards myself and my desires and also to change my role in the company. Daniela is very committed to helping. I am very excited with the results that Daniela has helped me to achieve in both my professional career and my personal life.
I take this opportunity to express my sincere and deeply appreciation for the time and the amazing interaction I experienced with Daniela. Our discussions are alive through my daily behavior and through my calendar that shows daily reminders about some action points that I practice on from our coaching interaction (it works perfect). I will conclude with my favorite feeling when I think of Daniela and of our coaching accomplishments: Life is a rainbow dash with Daniela.”
Roxana Elena Sahoteanu , UK&I Customer Account Operations Manager/EMEA Sales Operations

My mentoring experience with Daniela turned out to be a real eye opener! I could literally feel how my enthusiasm grew while she helped me to uncover my main drivers and values with her incomparable talent to listen, her vast mentoring experience and finally her invaluable skills to focus on what is most important.Throughout the process I was introduced to tools and methods guiding me to review my priorities and some impacting personal decision making aspects, which I catch myself applying regularly in everyday life situations.Last but not least, through this mentoring relationship I finally took time to reflect on myself and my own interests, outside of all of the things I am accountable for in life, and that are sometimes hindering me to stay balanced.
This “new self-awareness” allows me to make deliberate selections to change how I invest my energy, which has made a big difference in the end, encouraging me to follow my dream and to build on my strengths to get there. Having had the opportunity to benefit from Daniela’s mentoring influences my way of thinking and acting and actually meanwhile has entirely changed my life!”
Stella Botta , Program Manager – EMEA Sales Operations

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